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Woolgar's study is unique in its attempt to survey a variety of great households, rather than focusing on one or a handful, in order to provide the broadest possible scope for his arguments and to offset the spottiness of the documentary evidence.
One cannot expect a one-day round-table to discuss all aspects of the topic, but as one reads, one does note here the extreme spottiness of treatment of the earlier periods: all of Mesopotamian culture is treated in a single presentation, the second-millennium cultures of Anatolia-Syria-Palestine are represented by a single treatment (of the Ugaritic prose texts--there is nothing on what the texts of other types from Ras Shamra or those from Mari, Ebla, Emar, Hatti, etc.
Doubtless because of the spottiness of the author's research, cherry is not mentioned as an important decorative wood used in eighteenth-century German grand pianos.
The Spottiness of Rainfall in a Desert Area," Journal of Hydrology, November 1972, 161-175.
There are probably cities in which they aren't our best shot, but we see the overall strength of consistency as more important than the chance of spottiness from city to city," Mr.