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The Duchess of Cambridge donned a light blue custom-made polka-dot Jenny Packham gown, which resembled strongly with the spotty light green Catherine Walker dress, a 20-year-old Princess Diana wore on the same steps 31 years ago after her eldest son, William was born, Stuff.
Max Jefferies is upset after his mum Zoe accidently gave his cuddly toy Spotty to charity PICTURE: Richard Swingler (c)
When mixing spotty prints, the trick is to keep smaller dots on the lower part of your body and bigger spots on top to make you appear slimmer.
Spotty's finest moment came when he was the subject of Cook's 1965 single The Ballad of Spotty Muldoon, which reached number 34 in the UK charts.
He had met the spotty one a year or so earlier when he had come to my house to call for me to go to the pictures and had taken an instant dislike to his flash appearance with his greasy Elvis quiff.
If you are traveling in fringe areas of EVDO, however, coverage becomes spotty, similar to when you travel outside of your cellular provider's network and you're roaming.
The school district's superintendent denied Flyte was forced out, saying he will be allowed to stay and graduate with his class, providing he improves what had been a spotty attendance record.
At this moment in the film, there are no elegant columns or animals to alleviate the spotty, stained darkness--just the English subtitles of the French dialogue, which make the sentence recalled by Desnos actually appear on the dark background.
was the beginning of a spotty but still-growing public awareness of Feynman diagrams, which first appeared in abstruse physics journals decades earlier.
The Yosemite Adventure of Spotty Bat is an allegorical fable for young readers ages eight and up.
According to the New York Times, since 2001, the 15 EU governments have agreed in principle oil at least 10 different pan-European laws to corn bat terrorism, but implementation has been spotty.
But there is surely a crucial difference: the Birmingham building is like a giant spotty slug, which slurps in visitors through tiny orifices.