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The GPO applies to those who qualify for spousal benefits based on their partner's work history in Social Security-covered employment and their own government pensions from work in government employment that was not covered by Social Security.
Disputes over spousal support often prevent divorcing couples from settling, which means a judge ends up deciding that element of a marital breakup, Gentili Armbrust said.
Paula can collect a spousal benefit until age 70, the latest possible starting date.
Gender Differences in Spousal Burden: Initial analysis was conducted to explore gender differences across spousal burden in chronic schizophrenia.
Ann correctly understood that at the time of John's filing, she will be eligible to receive spousal benefits based on his record.
Circuit Courts of Appeals are divided over the enforceability of Regulation B's limits on spousal guarantees.
The Restricted Application strategy allows a spouse to collect a spousal benefit without touching their own benefit.
If you were born prior to January 2,1954, you retain the option to restrict your application to just a spousal benefit.
And the other person has to be over 62 by the end of this year in order to not be deemed to be also filing for retirement benefits by the time they reach full retirement age and be able to just take their spousal benefit.
Once the benefits were suspended, the other spouse could then file for, and receive, spousal benefits.
The study hypothesizes that income, education, social capital, spousal communication, autonomy, and accessibility positively influence women's reproductive health.