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But it was in the adornment of the fair person of his dark-complexioned spouse that the tailors of the fleet had evinced the gaiety of their national taste.
Sooth to say, the stout heart of Sir Nigel, which cared little for the wrath of her lion-like spouse, was somewhat shaken by the calm, cold face of this stately dame, for twenty years of camp-life had left him more at ease in the lists than in a lady's boudoir.
The Lady Tiphaine and her spouse sprang upon their steeds without setting feet to stirrup, and away they jingled down the white moonlit highway, with Sir Nigel at the lady's bridle-arm, and Ford a spear's length behind them.
George” at a half burnt sapling he landed in the highway, and, to his utter amazement, at the feet of his own spouse.
Clear-eyed, from her childhood days with the saloonkeeper Cady and Cady's good-natured but unmoral spouse, she had observed, and, later, generalized much upon sex.
But her dwarfish spouse still smoked his cigar and drank his rum without heeding her; and it was not until the sun had some time risen, and the activity and noise of city day were rife in the street, that he deigned to recognize her presence by any word or sign.
I appreciate Senator Kaine's efforts to draw attention to military spouse unemployment and create policies that support military families.
Because these extra funds can mean the difference between living in poverty and relative comfort for many clients, advisors must educate clients in advance about the proactive steps that must be taken in order to maximize potential Social Security survivor benefits upon the death of a spouse.
We have awesome volunteers, and they do take that motto seriously," said Shanna King, a manager with the Airman and Family Readiness Center at Westover who helps oversee the Key Spouse Program there.
2013-34, the requesting spouse (3) must meet the threshold conditions that are set forth in Section 4.
The individual property of each spouse consists of:
However, in some cases a spouse will be relieved of the tax, interest, and penalties on a joint tax return.