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Abigail, of Imperial Road, Billingham, told how Violet began choking on the spout of the cup within moments of being given a drink.
The system then automatically pivots the bag connection frame back to horizontal, raises the entire fill head, inflates the bag to remove creases, fills the bag at a high rate, finishes filling accurately at dribble feed rate, deflates the spout seal, releases the bag loops, raises the fill head to disengage the spout, rolls the bag out of the filling area, and rolls a new pallet into place to begin another cycle.
In addition, the tall spouts make light work of filling tall pots and vases.
A few years back, says Nelson, the motel needed some painting done so he asked the city if the whale's spout could be shut off for a few days.
Although not the best of jumpers, Up The Spout went on to win two more point-to-points that season, the adjacent hunts race at the Tredegar Farmers meeting and the members' race at the Glamorgan Hunt fixture.
The Grohe Minta Touch is available with an elegant C-shaped spout with extensible spray or with a stylish L-shaped spout with extensible mousseur.
The high-integrity seal between bag spout and clamp ring allows full-open discharge from bag spouts of all popular diameters.
The chrome-plated cup grill and high-gloss, chrome-plated spouts are complemented with the Piano Black sides and back.
A port within the discharge spout vents displaced air and dust to a remote bag house.
Mate is consumed by slowly pouring hot water through a spout from a pot onto a brew of dried and finely chopped yerba mate leaves in a cup or hollow gourd, and then sipped through a metal straw.
July 16 2010 - TripleNine Fish Protein amba, a Danish co-operative and a producer of fishmeal and fish oil, has said the Danish Norway spout quota is too small.