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This option further addresses the ability to position the spout directly into the truck container hatches without having to reposition the truck.
Within the design, RPC overcame this challenge by increasing the capacity and footprint of the container and at the same time realigning the spout within the footprint.
I have seen people using ordinary watering can spouts to great effect.
Abigail, of Imperial Road, Billingham, told how Violet began choking on the spout of the cup within moments of being given a drink.
A few years back, says Nelson, the motel needed some painting done so he asked the city if the whale's spout could be shut off for a few days.
And with young Jeff in the saddle, Up The Spout won a 16-runner maiden race at the Monmouthshire Hunt Point-To-Point Steeplechases held at Ragan Castle in 1951.
The Grohe Minta Touch is available with an elegant C-shaped spout with extensible spray or with a stylish L-shaped spout with extensible mousseur.
For overhead discharge the bulk-bag-to-hopper interface consists of a Spout-Lock[R] clamp ring positioned above a pneumatically actuated Tele-Tube[R] telescoping tube, dust-tight connections and unrestricted flow between the bag spout and hopper coupled with automatic tensioning of the bag as it empties allowing unrestricted flow and complete bag evacuation.
A height-adjustable cappuccino spout and a height- and width-adjustable coffee spout give the user the versatility and a 20-ounce stainless steel vacuum milk container keeps milk cold and ready to froth or steam on demand for up to eight hours.
POUR SPOUT AND ROLLER GRID is a two-piece set that allows for safe paint pouring with no spills.
A port within the discharge spout vents displaced air and dust to a remote bag house.
Mate is consumed by slowly pouring hot water through a spout from a pot onto a brew of dried and finely chopped yerba mate leaves in a cup or hollow gourd, and then sipped through a metal straw.