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Originally developed as a pharmaceutical technique, spouted bed granulation and micro encapsulation are now increasingly being applied to tune the effect of Pancosma's functional plant extract ingredients.
Vikari added: "A better understanding of the biopharmaceutical mechanisms through applying spouted bed granulation and encapsulation may also help in designing rational dosage regimes and improving the cost-effectiveness of plant extracts as natural growth promoters in modern livestock production.
2 : to speak with a long and quick flow of words so as to sound important <He spouted his opinions at the meeting.
3 : to flow out with force : spurt <Blood spouted from the wound.
The local particle velocity and local voidage in the spouted beds were determined by an optical probe using a Particle Velocity Analyzer version 4 (PV4A) manufactured by the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
As summarized by Mathur and Epstein (1974), a variety of spout shapes can be identified in conventional axisymmetric spouted beds.
Lefroy and Davidson (1969) found that the longitudinal pressure distribution in a flat-bottomed axisymmetric cylindrical spouted bed could be fitted by a cosine function:
Supply of machines to make and fill spouted pouches is the latest step in the Clifton Group's commitment to offering a one-stop packaging solution to its clients.
The spouted bed is a well-known particle mobilization technique which is favoured over conventional fluidization for large particles (approximately > 1 mm).
The spouted bed coating model proposed here is based on the statistical history of individual particles, whose projected area governs the collection of spray droplets in the coating zone.
To optimize and control spouted bed operation, the system hydrodynamics need to be well characterized and defined (Xu et al.
However, the application of these methods in spouted beds is scarce, with only a few attempts reported in the literature (Wang et al.