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Baku became notorious for its gushers and spouters. In 1886 a particularly ferocious gusher in Bibi-Eilat, Baku's richest field, is said to have produced more oil in one day than all the rest of the world's wells put together.
When someone at my house spouts some seeming nonsense, we all respond, questioningly, "Communication--America's problem!" We no longer remember how this got started, but now it's a tradition, and it requires the spouter to "kindly do the needful" to help the others understand.
Ledge Geyser is a loud and powerful spouter that vents its steam at a 45 [degrees] angle; the pulsing, puffing Whirligig is one that appears to release its heated water from a circling underground source.
From American culture, Melville derives grotseque native humor--visible in the characterization of Captain Peleg, the mate Stubb, the cook Fleece; a folksy religious idiom--manifested in Father Mapple's colorful sermon and in the secular use of religion throughout the novel; dark reform devices--especially in the portrait of the ex-drunkard Perth and in the raucous drinking scene in the Spouter Inn; and radical-democratic paradoxical characters--for example, the humane cannibal Queequeg, the oxymoronic oppressor Ahab, the querulous Quaker Bildad, and the entire wicked yet likable crew.
On his arrival in New Bedford, he went to the Spouter Inn near the waterfront to spend the night.
Dining facilities include Schaefer's Spouter Tavern, a recreated 19th century tavern in the village that serves sandwiches, cookies and beverages; the Galley, an informal family restaurant for snacks or grill and deli foods; and the Seamen's Inne, a more formal riverside restaurant with a candlelit dining room as well as a pub (there is a children's menu).
Early in the book, Ishmael arrives at the Spouter Inn and discovers in the entry
"He wasn't just a spouter, he knew what he was talking about."
Eisenman contends that two of the scrolls' major figures, the Teacher of Righteousness and the Spouter of Lies, can be identified as James and Paul, two figures that represented very different takes on early Christianity.
Upon entering the town of New Bedford, where he plans to embark on a whaling ship for the first time, Ishmael seeks refuge in the Spouter Inn.
(Prattling Inane Self-Help Dross) award is Geri Halliwell, that yawn-inducing spouter of psychobabble In just one of the conveyor belt of interviews she's given to publicise new single, she offered her views on attaining a karmic level of happiness.
The questions Ishmael asks himself at the Spouter what the painting means and what it represents, but also more basically which things can be painted and which cannot--are central to Moby-Dick.