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Now do I know how it is concerning the fire-dog; and likewise concerning all the spouting and subversive devils, of which not only old women are afraid.
At the most, I regard thee as the ventriloquist of the earth: and ever, when I have heard subversive and spouting devils speak, I have found them like thee: embittered, mendacious, and shallow.
And so, nothing loth to comfort a sick lady, and perhaps not sorry in her heart to be freed now and again from the dreary spouting of the Reverend Bartholomew Irons, and the serious toadies who gathered round the footstool of the pompous Countess, her mamma, Lady Jane became a pretty constant visitor to Miss Crawley, accompanied her in her drives, and solaced many of her evenings.
A park - smashed branches, torn leaves, gravel, bits of brotherly flesh and bone, all spouting up together in the manner of a firework.
But, lo, after a couple of decades, the whale stopped spouting, Adler got mad, the mayor got involved and the spouting resumed but not frequently enough to appease the artist, who threatened to have the whale moved to another coastal town that would give it the respect he felt it deserved.
The absolute piffle that Ian Duncan-Smith and his henchmen have been spouting regarding the disabled has shown the naked prejudice they have towards disabled people.
This trend of young Scots spouting abuse about a subject they know nothing about would be laughable if it wasn't so vile.
2000), such as the inability to achieve good quality spouting in large vessels, and difficulties in predicting the performance of spouted beds larger than about 0.
Let his Trojans string together three or four Pacific-10 wins before spouting off about being a player in the conference race.
I also despair at players spouting their mouths off about wanting to move for personal reasons.
Prior to a coating experiment, the particle charge was weighed out and added to the apparatus, heating of the atomizing air was started and the spouting regime established at the required flow rate.