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He stiffened himself upon the spout, pushed against the wall with both his knees, clung to a crevice in the stones with his hands, and succeeded in climbing back with one foot, perhaps; but this effort made the leaden beak on which he rested bend abruptly.
Contigo has received 149 reports of the spout detaching, including 18 spouts found in children's mouths, according to the CPSC.
The company has received 149 reports of the spout on the water bottles detaching with 18 spouts found inside children's mouths.
Telescoping, dustless loading spouts were created to address many factors involved in the loading process.
I have seen people using ordinary watering can spouts to great effect.
It integrates a Swing-Down Bulk Bag Filler with the manufacturer's Pallet Dispenser and Powered Chain Conveyor, allowing safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes, including those with wide-diameter spouts for passage of irregular materials.
The complete industrial muffin lines produce up to 18.000 pounds per hour and include pan oiling, paper cup denesters, single or multiple batter depositors with diving positive shut-off spouts, bulk loading, intermediate hoppers and dry ingredient depositors.
No spouts to open or lids to remove--simply press the button to drink and release the button to automatically seal, ideal for on-the-go drinking.
"We never asked to change the height or the length of time it spouts," he says.
Well-suited for scrub and hand washing sinks, these widespread commercial faucets can be installed as a rigid or swivel spout. These gooseneck faucets are available with both 5-inch and 8-inch spouts for optimum reach in various size sinks.
They are actually made from a really durable plastic, and the spouts from some brands are easily removable, so the bags can be cleaned thoroughly.
In addition, the tall spouts make light work of filling tall pots and vases.