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These properties make it ideal for use in OPV's, flexo inks and matt scratch resistant topcoats for parquet as well as for high gloss pigmented 100% sprayable furniture applications.
Results of day-time indoor resting count in the sprayable and unsprayable surfaces in both the groups of villages are given in Table 1.
Researchers conducted a multi-year study in which sprayable particle films were applied strategically in an orchard of Empire apple trees.
These include modified composites for nacelle and blades, and sprayable RAM coatings that can be applied directly onto the tower and other static surfaces.
It requires specialized equipment combined with the right kinds of material and product knowledge to produce sprayable elastomeric coatings.
Waterborne, Energy-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions: Sprayable, High Performance Resins for Wood and Plastic"--Jonathan Shaw, Cytec
As its name suggests, Metallcoat uses cold sprayable composite metals to coat wood, cement, concrete and other substrates in bronze, brass, iron or other metals.
That's according to USDA-ARS scientists who are developing these sprayable films.
99) plus pounds 20-worth of Cuprinol vouchers to put towards either Sprayable Plus 5-Year Fence Treatment, pounds 18.
Applications include use in sprayable foamed adhesives, the preparation of gaskets and sealants having the ability to expand in place, and potentially in acoustical and vibration damping applications.
TRANSFORM tatty fences with Sprayable Fence Treatment from Cuprinol - you can treat a 1.
He says uses of geopolymers are almost limitless given that their properties include that they are adhesive, castable, extrudable, sprayable and strong.