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A combination of cetearyl glucoside (Tego Care CG 90) and Polyglyceryl-3 caprate (Tego Care PC 31) as a main and co-emulsifier, respectively, enables PEG-free, very low viscosity and very robust stability for a sprayable emulsion (see O/W pump spray).
Centinari focused her remarks on a two-year study of two sprayable frost-protection products, Amigo oil (a vegetablebased oil from Loveland Products Inc.
A sprayable mortar-based system for fire protection plus epoxy final coatings.
Finally, the sprayable ceramic coating was applied in two coats, each with a thickness of at least 250 micrometres.
These properties make it ideal for use in OPV's, flexo inks and matt scratch resistant topcoats for parquet as well as for high gloss pigmented 100% sprayable furniture applications.
Low-viscosity, pourable, pumpable, sprayable emulsions at 20%-40% by weight for use where granular or high-viscosity pastes are not applicable.
24 October 2012 - US medical device specialist CR Bard Inc (NYSE:BCR) unveiled a definitive deal to take over sprayable surgical sealants and anti-adhesion products supplier Neomend Inc, in a move to boost its surgical speciality product offering.
If you have closed fence panels, I would suggest you use Ronseal's One Coat Sprayable Fence Life.
04 er, , Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment Harvest Brown (5 litres), B&Q, pounds 16.
Metylan direct is a sprayable wallpaper paste for fleece wallpaper which is ready to use in just three to five minutes.
SolpreneEeA 4302 is already being used in adhesive formulations for tapes, labels, sprayable adhesives, packaging, disposables, and foamed polymers for mattresses and furniture assembly.