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For simple pieces of acoustic insulation made with a single layer of filled polyurethane, the material can be sprayed directly into the mold.
The researchers conclude that children may be protected by keeping them out of sprayed areas for one day, and then cleaning cooking surfaces and utensils before use.
This type of exterior wall treatment, whether sprayed or troweled on, results in a highly textured, very architecturally attractive finish.
Doug Kelly, who oversees the vector control program in Denver, the epicenter of the virus last year, said the city hasn't sprayed any pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes but has engaged in a ``very aggressive'' program to kill mosquito larvae in stagnant pools of water.
But even these dangers do not extend to public health use, where DDT is dissolved in water and sprayed as a thin film.
In addition, the material adds reinforcement to the panels on which it is sprayed.
The original refuge requirements for Bt cotton--4 percent of acreage not sprayed with pesticides at all and 20 percent of sprayed acreage--come up for renewal January 2001.
However, alcohol-based sprays present a potential fire hazard if sprayed directly into a flame or if used in tandem with electrical devices, such as tasers or stun guns.
In application, the coating--a water-based suspension of ceramic particles--is sprayed on the metal surface of the mold while hot so that drying is almost instantaneous.
As a result, not only will the mold being sprayed have the lube on it, but also the parts being molded next to it.
If their lot is scheduled to be sprayed by either the state or the county, the municipality notifies them as well as any other landowners within 250 feet of the block slated for spraying.
HFC-245fa is the most logical "clean" blowing agent for interior-wall sprayed insulation, because it requires no costly equipment modifications, unlike pentanes or gaseous HFC-134a.