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Similarly, wax when heated or cooled shows poor viscosity and produces optimal spreadability only under specific conditions.
All 32 participants gave positive ratings (good, very good, or excellent) for appearance, spreadability, and ease of application.
Indeed, they allow the user to manage end-use properties such as controlled ingredient release, shape stability, texture, and spreadability.
The differences in flavour and spreadability were not statistically significant at the (P > 0.
The ointment also contains dimethicone, an emollient that allows for superior spreadability, while softening and soothing baby's delicate skin, according to the company.
The spreadability of butter is determined by its ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat.
Use margarines and spreads only if you prefer them, which many people do, for their butter-like favor and their spreadability.
Wageningen University in the Netherlands has developed water-in-oil-in-water emulsions of nano-sized lipids, whereby food spreadability and stability improve as a result of incorporating these multiple emulsions.
Different chemical pretreatments were used to enhance the adhesion and spreadability of coatings on copper surfaces.
The strong smell left in the air after a fresh coat of paint is actually fumes from chemical additives, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as fungicides, biocides, color, and spreadability agents.
It most resembled its dairy counterpart for flavor and spreadability.
In sensory attributes, both wateryness and spreadability in [beta]-CD-treated cheeses were significantly higher than in the control during 8 wk storage.