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discuss how spreadable media should be created based on the five following factors: the media must be available when and where audiences want it; portable; easily reusable in a variety of ways; relevant to multiple audiences; and part of a steady stream of material.
In this way, the book argues, spreadable culture is a sort of gift economy where trust is built between marketers, artists and fans.
A later chapter on transnational spreadable media is the least satisfying in the book.
Spreadable Media is in many ways a continuation of this work, but with a focus on one aspect of the convergence of old and new media: what the authors call networked culture, and why media spreads throughout these networks.
Also available from Elki are a wide range of spreadable cheese dips and whipped mustard spreads and dips to enhance the taste of their delectable gourmet crackers.
Also available in three flavors, the line of spreadable wedge cheeses come in Light Creamy Swiss, Light Garlic and Herb and Light Jalapeno Pepper.
Croda's newest solution for broad-spectrum protection, as part of the Solaveil SpeXtra line, is Solaveil XT-40W.This water based system allows the freedom to formulate light feeling and highly spreadable O/W emulsions with broad-spectrum protection, achieving a critical wavelength of -3B0nm, which is well in excess of the 370nm required for UVA protection claims.
When Philadelphia Cream Cheese, used largely in desserts, decided to reposition itself to compete in the spreadable cheese category, GolinHarris was tasked to develop a consumer communications strategy that would complement a concurrent thematic campaign designed to increase market penetration, establish Philly as a spreadable cheese with a unique taste advantage, and encourage wide spread trial and purchase by connecting with consumers.
A food fair will feature a tasty range of Welsh produce, including Really Nice Chocolate from Wrexham, Natty''s Spreadable Welsh Rarebit of Denbighshire, Merlin Cheeses from Ceredigion and chutneys and flavoured syrups from Menai Bridge.
Source Origin samples ([dagger]) samples Federal Ground 112 112 beef ([section]) Institute for Game ([paragraph]) 57 85 Risk Assessment Raw milk 55 55 ([double Beef and beef 43 43 products dagger]) Raw spreadable 20 20 sausages Pork and pork 0 19 products Cheese 15 15 Other (#) 2 7 Max-Rubner Raw spreadable 54 54 Institute ** sausages Raw sausage meat 34 34 Other ([dagger] 2 3 [dagger]) Total 395 448 * STEC, Shiga toxin--producing Escherichia coli.
As well as skimmed milk, the New Zealand researchers said they plan to breed cows capable of producing milk that is ideal for spreadable butter.