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discuss how spreadable media should be created based on the five following factors: the media must be available when and where audiences want it; portable; easily reusable in a variety of ways; relevant to multiple audiences; and part of a steady stream of material.
How are spreadable media culturally contingent, and subject to socio-political structuration?
Some of the crumpets are covered with Flora Buttery while others are smeared with Lurpak Lighter Spreadable.
Also butter from these cows is spreadable straight out of the fridge like margarine.
These adorable baby bells hold the perfect amount of spreadable butter for one person to enjoy.
Lurpak's growth was driven by Lurpak Spreadable and Lurpak Lighter Spreadable, with Lurpak Spreadable Unsalted coming on line in January.
Certainly spreadable and of subtle flavor, kashke-e-bademjan ($4) emerges as a tasty mashed eggplant creation with a yogurt topping.
In a further test, she blocked the facial receptors with a spreadable plastic used as the basis for some cosmetic beauty masks.
The WTO panel hung on the processing of New Zealand's spreadable butter exports, which the Commission described as too complex to meet the demands of the import tariff quotas, and refused to include in its preferential import quota for butter.
i) Packet Margarines which are designed to be spreadable at ambient temperature and
For her friend's wedding, she chose the strangest gift, a little device with long spreadable wooden fingers.