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The spreading pattern at L45 and L5-S1 disc levels was determined in relation to the ventral or dorsal side and left or right side.
Furthermore, in several cases, no straightforward match was found between the appearance of the virus and the presence of the wild birds suspected of spreading it.
Experts are very concerned that A (H5N1) is spreading rapidly worldwide along migratory bird flyways.
It has been been thought to be spreading primarily through gay men with multiple sex partners.
Although Dugas is infamous for his role in spreading HIV, AIDS researchers believe that if he hadn't, many others could have taken his place, This is because of the way gay men were having sex at the time.
A receiver designed for DS spread-spectrum signal reception has a spreading demodulator which applies the same pseudorandom signal that was applied by the transmitter [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
The connection of the bands to pitched end plates caused the bands to expand as the roller rotated, pulling apart the slats to provide a spreading action.
It also raised the possibility that different chemistries and mechanics of mantle and seafloor rocks might affect plate spreading.
Over the years, the spreading branches of Quercus virginiana have symbolized southern culture in movies from Gone with the Wind to Forrest Gump.
481(a) adjustment in the year of change, rather than spreading it over a four-year period beginning one tax year earlier.
"With regard to the spreading of texts of presumed personal revelations, the congregation makes it clear that: