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I closed the door, and rolled a stone to assist the loosened lock in holding it; and spreading my umbrella, I drew my charge underneath: for the rain began to drive through the moaning branches of the trees, and warned us to avoid delay.
One may picture, too, the sudden shifting of the attention, the swiftly spreading coils and bellyings of that blackness advancing headlong, towering heavenward, turning the twi- light to a palpable darkness, a strange and horrible antagonist of vapour striding upon its victims, men and horses near it seen dimly, running, shrieking, falling headlong, shouts of dismay, the guns suddenly abandoned, men choking and writhing on the ground, and the swift broadening-out of the opaque cone of smoke.
Because of 3 major events during mid- to late 2005, wild birds are now suspected of spreading the HPAI H5N1 virus over long distances through migration (8,9).
It also raised the possibility that different chemistries and mechanics of mantle and seafloor rocks might affect plate spreading.
The only tool forest managers have is to minimize infestations by salvage cuttings to reduce the possibility of spreading.
The problem is nitrates - a pollutant that can cause a condition known as ``blue baby'' syndrome among infants - leaching into the underground water table from Sanitation District 20's 23-year-old practice of spreading treated sewage effluent on barren land to soak into the ground.
Some taxpayers may be accounting for the gain or loss by spreading it over the entire remaining term of the hedged debt instrument, even though the hedging transaction relates to a shorter period of time.
By spreading the field in short yards and goal line situations, we want to force the defense to defend the entire width of the field.
Two spreading patterns, monotonous and multitonous, were observed.
But augmenting conventional measures with genetic engineering and other innovative approaches might pare down some vector populations and leave others incapable of spreading sickness, he says.
481(a) adjustment in the year of change, rather than spreading it over a four-year period beginning one tax year earlier.
Layer ingredients as follows, spreading to edges of dish: Spread 1/2 of 1 jar of sauce on bottom of pan.