spreading abroad

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The flakes fell fast and thick, soon covering the ground some inches deep, and spreading abroad a solemn stillness.
Lastly, beyond the Louvre, the Faubourg Saint- Honoré, already considerable at that time, could be seen stretching away into the fields, and Petit-Bretagne gleaming green, and the Marché aux Pourceaux spreading abroad, in whose centre swelled the horrible apparatus used for boiling counterfeiters.
But it has also emphasized that the risk of the epidemic spreading abroad is extremely low.
Islamabad: Pakistan will set up mandatory immunisation points at airports to help stop its polio outbreak spreading abroad, officials said on Tuesday, though a health minister said the move played into the Taliban's hands.
The reputation of the witchdoctors is slowly spreading abroad and Vasconcelos said that the town sees 15 to 20 foreign visitors per month, and even though the numbers are few, they are definitely on the increase.
The links of] the conspiracy were not confined to the Indian territory, but these were found spreading abroad," the Delhi chief of police told reporters.
Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia and No 2 consumer China may buy into a US company that makes and operates technology used in hydraulic fracturing, the oil and natural gas drilling technique that has sharply boosted North America's energy output and is now spreading abroad.
Director Chris Campbell says the company is hoping to make inroads in the UK before spreading abroad to major markets such as the US.
All these instances of survival, reconciliation, healing and new life are experiences of the good news of salvation that begs to be shared and shouted with joy to others, in today's Gospel, a former leper who was cured by Jesus is featured as "publicizing the whole matter" and spreading abroad the report of what Jesus did for him.
Inspector Nick Lakin, of Staffordshire Police, last night revealed a number of possible sightings of Phillips in the region had been reported -but the manhunt was also spreading abroad.
One feels, however, that a lengthier study of the grammar itself would give the reader some help in assessing Cauchie's method and doctrine--for example, the role this grammar played in spreading abroad a certain idea of "good" French.
Smoking isn't cool any more in the UK - the market fell by nearly 8 per cent last year - but the habit is still spreading abroad.