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HELLO BUD has said goodbye to the racetrack after Nigel Twiston-Davies revealed he had come down in agreement with jockeyson Sam and decided the racing days of the sport's sprightliest veteran are over.
The book's 405 entries, written mostly by media scholars, range in tone from obsequious to bilious, and in style from newspapers at their sprightliest to academic journals at their ghastliest.
The veteran midfielder has been used sparingly over the last couple of months but, up against his former club, the oldest player on the pitch was probably the game's sprightliest performer.
But the musical's darkest yet sprightliest number may be the closer: "Nothing Bad's Ever Going to Happen Again," a curtain-dropping pep-fest that promises the end to all social ills.
Still under the influence, perhaps, of the one-act, English-language abridgement, that the Met had offered as child-friendly holiday fodder, James Levine conducted the supplest, sprightliest Zauberflote I've ever heard from him.
Bernstein's book--and he is the sprightliest writer working in the dismal science since the heyday of John Kenneth Galbraith and Robert Lekachman--is one mid-length salvo at the dominant tendency in economic thinking, which denies any role for a collective response to a collective problem.
Never the sprightliest of criminals, Phil is eventually taken away to do his porridge before returning properly in September.