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Besides the buffaloes they saw abundance of deer, and frequent gangs of stately elks, together with light troops of sprightly antelopes, the fleetest and most beautiful inhabitants of the prairies.
The guests were preparing to leave, and the tide had already set toward the passage where coats and wraps were hung, when a young man with a sprightly foot and a shock of black hair shot into the middle of the floor and clapped his hands.
I was wondering what had become of you," said Norah, in her sprightly manner.
As if the angel of death had chilled all gay and sprightly fancies - as if that wan form had scared away the Graces to whom Xenocrates sacrificed - silence immediately reigned through the study, and every one resumed his self-possession and his pen.
They are sprightly--very sprightly," Milverton answered.
She was determined that Sir Walter should take her husband's mind off the guns of Britain, and divert him in an exquisite, quaint, sprightly, and slightly ridiculous world.
She was a woman whose fair hair was turning grey, well-dressed, sprightly, agreeable.
Next moment she was down upon her knees before the basket, speaking in a sprightly voice, and busy with the parcels.
Another man stepped forward in almost a sprightly way and glanced insolently up.
A little girl, radiant and beautiful, shapely as a fairy and exquisitely dressed, was dancing gracefully in the middle of the lonely road, whirling slowly this way and that, her dainty feet twinkling in sprightly fashion.
He had shown a sprightly desire to do the talking for the company and tell all about his family.
An image of silver fifteen inches high I have vowed to the Virgin, to be placed in her chapel within the Priory, for that she was pleased to allow me to come upon this Spade-beard, who seemed to me from what I have seen of him to be a very sprightly and valiant gentleman.