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yes, visions of Peggy's kneecaps for ear-rings and Pat's head on the bar instead of Queen Vic's bust spring to mind.
The words change, leopard and spots spring to mind.
Other British versus European statistics that spring to mind are the appealing ones the Government often trots out.
In relation to Dix's and Beckmann's monster mashes, Paul McCarthy's mutilated pirate heads readily spring to mind.
Champion curler Jackie Lockhart said: 'It's a couthy wee town love and lust don't spring to mind.
The list included Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji and Luxembourg, not exactly the first names that spring to mind when people think of film.
When someone comments on security, three things spring to mind - the thuggish bouncer, the retired old man on a building site and the professional, impeccable character who is polite yet stern.
Many moons ago, I ran a quiz in my mate's hotel in Motherwell and the one name that spring to mind was My Wife Can't Wrestle But You Should See Her Box.