spring upon

See: attack
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He was about to spring upon the Ass, when the Cock (to the sound of whose voice the Lion, it is said, has a singular aversion) crowed loudly, and the Lion fled away as fast as he could.
Every urge of his being impelled him to spring upon the pack that cried at his heels, but it was the will of the gods that this should not be; and behind the will, to enforce it, was the whip of cariboo-gut with its biting thirty-foot lash.
All of them would spring upon the hated leader only to find the tables turned.
Carthoris moved to Thuvia's side, and, standing there with naked sword, he let his brave eyes roam ceaselessly about the great chamber, that no foe might spring upon them unseen.
With the weather starting to warm and spring upon us, the fish are on the move.
When Abe finally commits his crime, the consequences of his actions will ultimately spring upon him and divine justice, if there ever is any, will outstrip all the indulgent and verbose self-justifications of the philosopher who is only willing to take an action of which he evades all responsibility.
With spring upon us, this is the perfect time to blow away the winter cobwebs and approach our stunning outdoor spaces with the keen enthusiasm a new season always boosts.
With spring upon us and better weather around the corner, now is the time to invest in stylish, efficient and affordable windows.
Each moment I expected they would spring upon my back - expected to feel their long teeth sinking into my flesh.
Chief Insp Jamie Pitt, pictured, of North Tyneside area command, said: "With spring upon us and summer approaching, I'd ask people to seriously think about shed security.
WITH spring upon us, Stena Line has provided FIVE ferry good reasons to travel to Ireland this April.
The store, which will be coming available in the Spring upon completion of the renovation, will offer up to three floors of retail below a rental apartment building.