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Rolf Gardiner, of Springhead, then read a paper on the Morris Dance in relation to special occasions, and urged clubs to make an 'occasion' for their public shows, giving much valuable advice in his talk on how this could be achieved.
Another wet weather springhead is situated on the summit at the northern end of the site.
Roaring Meg is brewed by the Springhead Brewery, Nottinghamshire--a fairly small brewery by today's standards but producing beers big on flavour.
0 suite by clicking on MindSpring's familiar Springhead logo.
Please direct any enquiries to Springhead Funeral Page: pdf; Service.
Thornaby's next opponents will be either Hurst Park, Northumberland or Springhead Park Humberside.
Paul and the team close the doors on The Springhead Tavern for the last time this Sunday to move two minutes down the road.
This cool-filtered blonde beer is brewed in Nottinghamshire by Springhead Brewery and costs pounds 1.
Recent moves from cask into bottle include the Sussex-based Dark Star brewery's Expresso Ale and the Midlands-based Springhead Brewery's Roaring Meg.
There are further displays at Woodhouse Moor, Springhead Park, Bramley Park, East End Park and Middleton Park.
The short-lived Irish Socialist Republican Party (1896-1904), although now largely forgotten, represents a profound moment in the history of socialism and republicanism and was the ideological springhead for a political tradition that has impacted radical Irish politics ever since.