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There was no questioning they were certainly springier.
1 Bouncy How much springier than this can you possibly get?
Although the EMCDS taught jigging starting with the basic step in Figure 1, I noticed some of the advanced dancers in class and in competitions had a springier and quicker quality in their jigging, what one of the EMCDS dance instructors from Saskatchewan referred to as a "double step" or "double shuffle.
If the NBA has many guys like Gibson (and it does, it does), Love may want to stick around Pauley Pavilion another couple of years and reinvent himself as a small forward, rather than declaring for the NBA draft and being eaten for lunch by guys bigger and springier than he is.
Solti may not seem like the kind of conductor who would provide a thoroughly joyous Ninth, but he actually outshines Rattle in this regard, Solti's rhythms springier and bouncier, with Rattle a tad more calculated and conservative.
I'm so cheered by so many emblems of a liberal life that my step is a little springier.
Also known as the Springier Building, 5-9 Union Square West is located between 14th and 15th Streets on the west side of Union Square Park.
Both men were tall, but Peter, the shorter by an inch, walked as if constructed on a looser, springier frame.
He embodied (or more likely created) the larger-than-life spirit of the Roaring '20s, and when he socked 29 home runs in 1919, aided by the advent of springier baseballs, he was a national sensation.
At centre-half, Kolo Toure is springier than Jordan's mattress but, boy, does he take some risks.
He was practising with belly putters with springier shafts yesterday in a bid to cure his habit of leaving his putts short.
A springier production might have found something potentially elemental in the encompassing blight, a murkiness--at once physical and existential--that is punctuated mostly by Norton's ever-puckish wit.