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If the NBA has many guys like Gibson (and it does, it does), Love may want to stick around Pauley Pavilion another couple of years and reinvent himself as a small forward, rather than declaring for the NBA draft and being eaten for lunch by guys bigger and springier than he is.
Solti may not seem like the kind of conductor who would provide a thoroughly joyous Ninth, but he actually outshines Rattle in this regard, Solti's rhythms springier and bouncier, with Rattle a tad more calculated and conservative.
I'm so cheered by so many emblems of a liberal life that my step is a little springier.
Also known as the Springier Building, 5-9 Union Square West is located between 14th and 15th Streets on the west side of Union Square Park.
Both men were tall, but Peter, the shorter by an inch, walked as if constructed on a looser, springier frame.
At centre-half, Kolo Toure is springier than Jordan's mattress but, boy, does he take some risks.
However, there is almost certainly some merit in the view that Latalomne, a son of the miler Zilzal, would appreciate a springier surface than he had on Saturday, and the upper limit of his ability remains to be established.
Technological advances are now common in running shoes to make them springier, while increasingly flexible carbon fibre vaulting poles are helping athletes to reach new heights.
It's because our meat is more tender than beef, fresher than lamb, more fragrant than pork, fattier than dog, softer than mule, harder than rabbit, silkier than chicken, more dynamic than duck, more straightforward than pigeon, livelier than donkey, more pampered than camel, springier than horse, finer than hedgehog, more dignified than sparrow, fairer than swallow, more mature than wild goose, not as chaffy as common goose, more sedate than cat, more nutritious than rat, less demonic than weasel, and more common than lynx.
Ten times springier than spring steel, Flexon can "remember" its original shape, and return to that set shape after duress.