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Think "dance" at the same time you think Don Quixote and something virtuosic springs to mind, most likely, the Petipa-Minkus ballet, a sunny comedy with farcical elements.
Hans yon Buelow's fanciful explanation of the Chopin Preludes immediately springs to mind.
The new Scottish Parliament building springs to mind.
Yet that's exactly who springs to mind as DeLaria growls and purrs her way through Randy Newman's "Life Has Been Good to Me.
These regions mediate a mental struggle to wring the right memory out of conflicting knowledge that springs to mind during tip-of-the-tongue states, according to a report in the Aug.
When most people think of beer, Europe springs to mind more than Mexico, but this is changing.
Every time the forest-health debate breaks out, the metaphor that springs to mind is human health.
When someone thinks of CRM and high-quality customer care, the government is not usually the first type of organization that springs to mind," said Chris Fletcher, vice president/research director at Aberdeen Group Inc.
REMARKABLE is the word that springs to mind to describe the achievements of super-slimmer Wil Graham.
Come to Slaggy Island, Vic, with all those ex pats - there's plenty of car parking space here - the Erimus springs to mind.