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And now it was as though he felt rather than heard the twittering; it seemed to be under his palm, which rested on something soft and springy.
It resembled a drive in an English forest, save that tropical bushes with their sword-like leaves grew at the side, and the ground was covered with an unmarked springy moss instead of grass, starred with little yellow flowers.
As the carriage drove off, Polly gave a little bounce on the springy seat, and laughed like a delighted child.
They went to work at once, plowing, barrowing, rolling, furrowing, in admirable order, as if they were bent on making this a model farm; but when I was looking sharp to see what kind of seed they dropped into the furrow, a gang of fellows by my side suddenly began to hook up the virgin mould itself, with a peculiar jerk, clean down to the sand, or rather the water -- for it was a very springy soil -- indeed all the terra firma there was -- and haul it away on sleds, and then I guessed that they must be cutting peat in a bog.
The Hirschwald is a little open wood of silver birches and springy turf starred with flowers, and there is a tiny stream meandering amiably about it and decking itself in June with yellow flags.
It's a natural, springy brace, an' beats iron braces stiff.
Surgical needles with a springy eye, surgical needles with a springy eye, surgical needles with a springy eye, surgical needles with a springy eye, surgical needles with a springy eye
but has the benefit of being warm and springy underfoot.
And they're springy enough to stay up in the window frame.
They love the street fashion culture that comes along with it, from springy collections, to summery trends.
uk Get the reality star's pinched cheek look with this bright and springy blush - just perfect for this time of year.
Mary's loyalty to the station that raised the show from a bowl of runny batter with less than three million viewers to the perfectly springy sponge that attracts a peak audience of 15 million today is admirable and touching.