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Next day they found a wooden Saw-Horse standing by the roadside, and sprinkled it with the Powder.
Well," continued the Tin Woodman, "the old woman had an idea that the Powder in the bottle must be moth-powder, because it smelled something like moth-powder; so one day she sprinkled it on her bear rug to keep the moths out of it.
Then they tore off her dainty clothing, and cut her beautiful body into pieces and sprinkled salt upon it.
So Tip abided by this decision and sprinkled the Gump's head with the remainder of the powder.
But once on a time I was part of the Gump, which Ozma sprinkled with the Powder of Life.
He said under the program insecticides being sprinkled in the Gujjar nullah, Sher Shah nullah, Orangi nullah, Hub River Road nullah, Pitcher nulah, Kalri nullah, Soldier Bazar nullah, Frere nullah, Manzoor Colony nullah, Mehmoodabad nullah, Zehri House nullah, Korangi nullah, Chakor nullah, Songal nullah, Golden Town nullah and other nullahs.
Taking advantage of the rapid uptake of water by this material, sprinkled storage of the logs prior to processing into OSB strands could be a feasible option.
At Fleming's, greens tossed with a vinaigrette prepared with white balsamic and lemon juice, then sprinkled with candied walnuts and dried cranberries is a refreshing side salad before an entree.