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"Well," continued the Tin Woodman, "the old woman had an idea that the Powder in the bottle must be moth-powder, because it smelled something like moth-powder; so one day she sprinkled it on her bear rug to keep the moths out of it.
"But once on a time I was part of the Gump, which Ozma sprinkled with the Powder of Life.
Ezallor Sprinkle is formulated as extended-release-coated pellets that may be sprinkled over soft food such as applesauce, can be swallowed whole, or administered via a nasogastric tube to facilitate long-term, once-daily administration.
An official of FWO, when approached, said that the company sprinkled water on the roads four to five times on daily bases.
So my boys sprinkled some of his ashes under the tree and we put some in a plot with a headstone.
Wipe with a clean sponge sprinkled with baking soda.
The five styles in my toolbox are simple yet stunning: Bedazzled Edges, Dipped and Sprinkled, Poinsettias, Candy Cane Hearts and Santa Hats.
Kapspargo Sprinkle pellets can be sprinkled over soft food or administered through a nasogastric tube, and are designed to facilitate long-term, once-daily administration, particularly for patients who have difficulty swallowing.
Summary: Sirsi (Karnataka) [India], Jan 17 (ANI): Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Yuva Morcha sprinkled "divine" cow urine on a stage, actor Prakash Raj delivered a speech at an event here.
Add a second layer of potatoes and remaining half of onions sprinkled with seasonings and cheese.