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Where the obvious misunderstandings start to come into play, however, are when councilman Henley notes that "the main killers in a fire are smoke and carbon monoxide and sprinklers give no protection against them".
His comments were echoed by the Residential Sprinkler Association, National Fire Sprinkler Network and the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, all of whom took exception to Dr Henley's statements.
WHITEFRIARS has denied that one of its officials said calls to retrofit sprinklers at all of its high rise residential buildings in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster was a "knee-jerk reaction".
I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the legislature, the New York Fire Sprinkler Council, SUNY and CUNY administration and other advocates to advance this important measure.
The result is the adoption, specification and installation of flexible sprinkler hoses in fire sprinkler systems in almost every region of the world.
In the past automatic fire sprinkler systems were only used in commercial building or factories to protect properties or potential business loss.
Knowledges of water application uniformity is indispensable for sprinkler irrigation systems to provide the amount of water demanded by the crop (Mateos, 1998; Prado et al.
SPRINKLERS are being installed in dozens of homes in case of fire.
The first arriving police officer heard the sprinkler head come on and bring the fire under control just as he got there.
Martinez et al [21] analyzed the influence of different design and performance factors, such as subunit arrangement, lateral spacing, working pressure, average application rate and application efficiency of water application cost, in a permanent set sprinkler irrigation system.
The first National Fire Sprinkler Week runs until February 9 and is being supported by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS).
The region's fire authority has agreed to put PS200,000 towards fitting at least one residential building in each of the five districts in Merseyside with a sprinkler system.