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Sprint PCS Connection Manager(SM) Software comes packaged with the card to manage the user's connection to the packet data network and provides a compression client, self-diagnostic tools and automatic software updates from the Web.
Boards of both MCI Worldcom and Sprint approved the merger Monday night, said people involved in the deal.
By extending end-to-end MPLS SLAs to include our partners, customers can count on the quality of MPLS service they've come to expect from Sprint everywhere across the global Sprint-owned and partner MPLS footprints.
Esrey, chief executive of Sprint, favored a friendly merger with MCI Worldcom, in part because he believes the duo would be a more formidable company in the long run.
We are excited that consumers have embraced the opportunity to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa by purchasing the RED MOTORAZR V3m at Sprint," said Jeremy Dale, vice president, Global Marketing and Communications of Motorola Mobile Devices.
The Sprint EVDO Revision A enhanced mobile broadband network will be in place for the Super Bowl.
Sprint Nextel has taken steps and made progress in resolving some of the operational issues.
Since then, Sprint was the first to offer live programming, full-length movies, live concerts, Spanish-language programming and many other features on U.
Slim and stylish, the MOTO Q offered from Sprint operates on the Windows Mobile 5.
As Sprint enters 2007, our customers can expect to see the same dedication to network improvements and quality from us as they did in 2006.
The following is a detailed list of the several new areas where customers can now take advantage of Sprint Nextel's enhanced network: