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And if you're happy to work the six-speed manual transmission a little, the Outlander can actually feel quite spritely for a vehicle of its size, with plenty of pull at your disposal from low down in the rev range.
Officially released on May 8 in the Byram Arcade, it has been a long time coming for fans of the talented and spritely eight-piece, who have followed them since they formed several years ago.
Keira spritely the actress skips along to a French town hall to marry rocker James
I was out walking when I saw a spritely pair of grandparents happily strolling along yards behind their grandchild - who was being pushed in a pushchair by a maid.
One of the very first times I heard the story was from a school friend of mine in the 1930s now a spritely 87.
Gwen Taylor, herself a spritely 74-year-old whose acting career included a spell as Anne Foster in Coronation Street, is a delight as Daisy, perfectly reflecting her prickly reluctance to be replaced by anyone at the wheel of her own car.
And at an age where many of her peers prefer sitting down with a cup of tea in front of the telly, spritely McLennan trains three days a week in preparation for her next world championships.
The home fans had something to cheer after just five minutes when Bangor hit Lido on the break, the visitors failing to pick up Simm and the spritely Jones was on hand to fire the leaders in front.
Acceleration is spritely enough with the 0-60mph sprint taking just 9.
Last month's spritely league efforts in defeat at Irish and Leicester seem a long time ago.
However, its function as a wind-in-your-hair performer is neatly practical, the fabric roof coming down in a spritely 12 seconds.