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Acceleration is spritely enough with the 0-60mph sprint taking just 9.
With the light fading a spritely 32 from Dominic Horne settled the nerves and Mainstay got over the line in the 15th over to claim their first victory of the season.
Last month's spritely league efforts in defeat at Irish and Leicester seem a long time ago.
However, its function as a wind-in-your-hair performer is neatly practical, the fabric roof coming down in a spritely 12 seconds.
After the intermission, the program came up for light air with Tcherepnin's spritely and ingratiating trio for flute (Tracy Kraus), violin (Sulski) and cello (Joshua Gordon).
However, the performance is more spritely with the 0-60 time cut to 11.
But none of the marginal decisions went their way and as a result they added just one more wicket, Matt Prior for a spritely 62, before Tim Bresnan added 45no in only his second Test innings.
HIGH AND SPRITELY Leaping mogs like this one could land the Go-Cat Award GO FOR IT: Bobo takes off in the advert
Mandy Siegfried's reading exactly captures the spirit of this imaginative, sensitive, spritely and kind young girl in the midst of mild teenage angst.
The 71-year-old, of Merthyr Mawr, near Bridgend, was only narrowly beaten to the title by spritely 77-year-old Dennis Kemp from Kent.