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Tesco's official product description reads: "Whole sprouts get a party makeover, with a light, crispy, golden batter.
When purchasing fresh Brussels sprouts, look for small heads with tightly closed, green leaves.
Otherwise known as cruciferous, sprouts might look mediocre, but they're one of the most nutritious side dishes, thanks to their high antioxidant content, rich cocktail of vitamins and surprising versatility.
The processor says it upgraded to the VERYX because the digital sorter adeptly addresses the unique challenges of sorting Brussels sprouts. "Brussels sprouts are difficult for most sorters," says Graham Neal, factory manager at T H Clements.
SPROUTS often split opinion at the festive dinner table - but there's a good reason why your mum insisted on you eating them on Christmas Day.
And the Brussels sprouts? Those cold-hardy plants are doing just fine in autumn's crisp weather.
Also, if moisture is too much, the sprouts may rot, ferment or even drown.
Percentage of total weight loss (TWL), percentage of physiological weight loss (PhWL), and percentage of sprouts weight (SW) were computed using
At homes across Liverpool tomorrow, you will heara few groansas the Brussels sprouts find their way on to theChristmas dinnerplate.
Spokeswoman Faye Herrington says: "Watch your loved one's face change from an expression of disgust to delight as they realise that rather than being presented with a punnet of sprouts, they've actually got eight scrumptious white chocolates to enjoy on Christmas afternoon.
Among various products of soybean, sprouts have been established as an important year-round vegetable in Korea, China, and Japan for a long time.