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In about 1936 Spry was converted into a dumb barge and was used at Diglis Basin in the 1950s and 1960s before falling derelict.
Owners of portable units are baling "primarily appliances and automobiles, but even some of the heavier stuff they might be shredding," says Spry.
Victim A told the court how she was confined to a wheelchair by Spry for over three years, after being injured in a car crash in 2000.
Gloucestershire County Council later apologised for the "shortcomings" in the care system following Spry's conviction.
In 1930 Spry, along with another young activist, Alan Plaunt, established the Canadian Radio League.
Spry also produced the Japanese-Canadian co-production "Hiroshima", which won three Gemini Awards, the Canadian TV awards, in 1998, including one for best mini of the year in Canada.
Spry set out her manifesto in her first book, Flower Decoration (1934), and did not deviate from it: 'Intelligent women of today take the most intense interest in the decoration and furnishing of their houses ...
The SR is the backdrop for the first stirrings of a commercial, theatrical industry, for example in Larry Kent's great and recently restored sexploitation epic High (1967); for all those sober youth alienation and coming-of-age docudramas both on the Anglo and the Quebecois side of the divide, by emerging baby-boomer auteurs Don Owen, Claude Jutra, Gilles Groulx; Jacques Godbout, George Kaczender, Robin Spry, etc., most getting their start at the NFB; for the embryonic queer cinema detectable in David Secter's Winter Kept; Us Warm (1965) and Claude Jutra's A tout prendre (1963), both most decidedly not at the NFB.
Judith Palmer, aged 37, and Charlotte Spry, aged 16, died in the collision on the M5 near Weston-super-Mare on September 18 last year.
(KAZ621) ROBIN SPRY, CEO of TELESCENE FILM GROUP INC (TFGB.TO), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
I have lots of romantic memories of pouring concrete and putting up the fences." To the delight of Mark and Lisa, shown, with their son, Devin, their 'Constance Spry' rose proved a tough, prolific bloomer.
And now, with a huge installed base of Web users, the Web browser software vendors (Netscape, Microsoft, Spry, and others) can invest hundreds of millions of dollars improving their products, but still afford to charge minimal fees to license them to individuals.