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"I wonder if he's used to spurs. No English saddle, mind.
Half a dozen times spurs and quirt bit into him, and then Daylight settled down to enjoy the mad magnificent gallop.
"All right, darn you!" Daylight grunted, driving in spurs and quirt again and again.
When, after a time, Bob attempted to ease down the mad pace, spurs and quirt went into him again with undiminished vim and put him to renewed effort.
Daylight put a stop to this with spurs and quirt, running him several punishing miles in the direction of his bolt.
At once this knight seemed to throw aside his apathy, when he discovered the leader of his party so hard bestead; for, setting spurs to his horse, which was quite fresh, he came to his assistance like a thunderbolt, exclaiming, in a voice like a trumpet-call, ``Desdichado, to the rescue!'' It was high time; for, while the Disinherited Knight was pressing upon the Templar, Front-de-B uf had got nigh to him with his uplifted sword; but ere the blow could descend, the Sable Knight dealt a stroke on his head, which, glancing from the polished helmet, lighted with violence scarcely abated on the chamfron of the steed, and Front-de-B uf rolled on the ground, both horse and man equally stunned by the fury of the blow.
"I must overtake him, if I kill my horse," thought the musketeer; and he began to saw the mouth of the poor animal, whilst he buried the rowels of his merciless spurs into his sides.
Whether driving or being driven, the new Flying Spur offers a unique combination of limousine luxury and sports sedan performance, blending bold new road presence with world-leading interior quality and design, plus cutting-edge customer-focused technology.
Spur's platform combines innovative employment technology with a focus on managing hourly workforces.
They proposed strengthening existing spurs near the villages of Balhreji and Noor Shah so as to be able to face possible emergency during flood season, said the sources.
[UKPRwire, Mon Oct 22 2018] Spur gear is one of the simplest types of gears.
Silver Spur Corporation utilizes a full suite of Pacific Mercantile Bank's depository products and cash management services.