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Half a dozen times spurs and quirt bit into him, and then Daylight settled down to enjoy the mad magnificent gallop.
Daylight grunted, driving in spurs and quirt again and again.
When, after a time, Bob attempted to ease down the mad pace, spurs and quirt went into him again with undiminished vim and put him to renewed effort.
Daylight put a stop to this with spurs and quirt, running him several punishing miles in the direction of his bolt.
Stooping down, he loosened the stirrup-straps, bound his knees tightly to his saddle-flaps, twisted his hands in the bridle, and then, putting the gallant horse's head for the mountain path, he dashed the spurs in and fell forward fainting with his face buried in the coarse, black mane.
Hanson grinned, for he recalled the pounding heels that he had seen driving sharp spurs into the flanks of Baynes' mount; but he said nothing of what he had seen.
To investigate this, an almond spur dynamics research project was initiated by Lampinen and colleagues in 2001.
5]; dorsal lobe thin, thinner than apical spurs; thin spur on opposing side of 1st gonapophysis can sometimes be seen projecting above dorsal surface of 1st gonapophysis (not shown in Fig.
In rivers with unsteady flow conditions, spur dikes can serve as emerged in ordinary state or submerged during flood.
The clinical term for a bone spur is osteophyte, and it's simply a projection that sticks out from the edge of a bone.
But you don't have to be celebrating a birthday to have a children's party at Spur - any time is party time, especially during the school holidays.
Like the Continental GT from which it is derived, the Flying Spur shares its basics--but only 25% of it parts--with VW's Phaeton sedan.