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The arrests and detentions in spurious calling cases have, however, been made by police in various parts of the country including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.
All these studies rely on the case where variances of the sequence are finite and, therefore, demonstrate the existence of spurious regression under finite-variance.
But those who plan and manufacture spurious drugs and the people associated with this totally degrading operation of marketing such medicines, exposing the entire population to the consequential risk, must be treated as killers.
Spurious drugs do not in any manner contribute to health and happiness.
We invite the CPS to conduct an independent review into why he was tried when there was in reality only spurious evidence of his guilt and strong evidence of his innocence.
4]-depleted serum total proteins at concentrations ranging from 40 to 160 g/L were applied to the 2 dialysis devices tested, no spurious free [T.
All the while, he endured death threats and spurious prosecution for his efforts.
COLLECTING the spurious award for Celebrity Mum of the Year (Kate Moss and Jordan were nominees, which proves just how spurious it is) Sharon Osbourne said: "I'm honoured.
A MAN who tried to sue the council after soiling his own trousers has made it on to a list of the most spurious compensation claims.
Any analysis of what consumers are saying through electronic media like blogs can lead to spurious conclusions if one doesn't understand the data.
Spurious wars that kill precious lives, wound brave bodies and souls and waste national treasure.