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The arrested accused is involved in manufacturing and selling spurious drugs across Punjab, said spokesman for the FIA.
The minister said that DRAP is vigilant to minimize the sale of spurious medicines and fake drugs in collaboration with provinces and security agencies.
It is in common knowledge that the chemists' shops are seen buying illicit and spurious medicine from road side vendors and earning billions.
In reply to a question he said that they would not stop here and the crackdown would continue against spurious factories, appealing to the people to help the district administration eradicate fake ice-cream and other food factories in the district.
Guidelines for taking action on samples of drugs declared spurious or not of standard quality in the light of enhanced penalties under the Drugs & Cosmetics (Amendment) Act, 2008 have been forwarded to the State Drugs Controllers for implementation.
Three people have died and a dozen have fallen ill after consuming spurious liquor.
The signal had to be spurious because no conceivable pulsar could ever spin this fast.
The venomous propaganda against honest DRAP officer has not stopped here, now the spurious drug dealer mafia is engaging certain media houses to disseminate false news against the officer, which is further from the truth,' it said, adding the officer had continuous and seamless service record since his appointment in 1991 in Ministry of Health and later in the authority.
Highlighting the other steps taken by Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination to curb sale of spurious and fake drugs in the country, the official said that the DRAP has strengthened monitoring system by appointing Federal Inspector of Drugs (FIDs) throughout the country.
The meeting reviewed pace of campaign against elements involved in production and sale of spurious, sub-standard medicines while a strategy was also discussed for complete eradication of this heinous business.
In Madurai, the police unearthed a spurious drugs racket whose operations extended to the southern districts of the state.
7 (ANI): In order to stamp out circulation of spurious drugs in the country, the Government on Friday said that any kind of involvement in circulation of spurious drugs could now attract a life imprisonment.