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When QTL alleles were segregating in parental breeds, a significant proportion of Mendelian QTL were spuriously declared POE QTL, suggesting that care must be taken to characterize imprinting QTL in a QTL mapping population with a small number of [F.
This manoeuvre was repeated a number of times, with persistence of spuriously low oximetry readings at the ear on each occasion.
If present, cultural response bias distorts statistical analysis by : (1) rendering group mean differences uninterpretable, (2) spuriously raising or lowering indexes of a measure's internal consistency, (3) spuriously affecting correlations between variables and related techniques such as regression, and (4) affecting the results of methods assessing underlying dimensions, such as factor analysis ENRf8(Chun et al.
The problem with telling a story is that it invites a single-toned presentation, with a spuriously unified and coherent plot and explanations: "To a certain extent, then, narrative synthesis and theoretical analysis will always be at odds; the fact remains that the deepest attraction of stories is their ability to create the very illusion of seamless wholeness that deconstruction seeks to subvert.
I show that the relation is not spuriously driven by unobservable firm heterogeneity or an assortment of observable firm characteristics, such as firm growth potential and profitability.
The contributors explore simultaneous mining of positive and negative spatial patterns, abnormality detection in spuriously populated data streams, and dynamic classification of defect structures in molecular dynamics simulation data.
Don't we all despair, as we rise at dawn to work another day, of those who spuriously claim benefits for easily assumed ills, like backache, depression and epilepsy?
In fact the government spuriously continues to claim that doing away with this impediment to small business would 'create 70,000 new jobs'.
Cloning has been spuriously categorized by researchers as 'reproductive' and 'non-reproductive.
We are not willing to be made scapegoats for spuriously moralising pronouncements on issues that are neither clear nor simple but that are, rather, in need of serious, intelligent and informed public debate.