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Spuriously high prevalence of prediabetes diagnosed by HbA1c in young Indians partly explained by haematological factors and iron deficiency anaemia.
Substances released from red blood cells also lead to spuriously elevated results.
They also found the five Rasch-based indices were more sensitive to spuriously high responses than to spuriously low ones in a two-dimensional test, and the detectability of aberrance increased with test length.
Regarding the results on passive smoke exposure, there is a possibility of a spuriously statistically significant result because of multiple statistical testing, and the evidence can be considered suggestive of an association at best.
The triad of fire-setting, cruelty to animals, and bedwetting is spuriously used to identify a group of children predisposed to violence.
Spun hematocrit, however, may give spuriously higher results (up to 6%) in a number of disorders--including polycythemia, macrocytosis, spherocytosis, hypochromic anemias, sickle-cell anemia, burn patients--due to increased trapped plasma compared to the normal condition.
Yet, deniers cannot know this because they have forsaken their quantitative skills and, instead, chosen to uncritically embrace the dysfunctional narrative surrounding the discussion of climate change that willfully ignores mountains of firmly established scientific evidence, falsely portrays climate science as divided, and spuriously appeals to academic freedom, arguing that "both sides" of the debate should be presented as though they possess equal merit.
This royal cipher was stamped spuriously on many Belgian Trade "Montenegrin" revolvers to give the product a little more authority and saleability.
6) Spuriously elevated serum ferritin levels can also be seen in hepatocellular damage and in situations such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent-induced upper gastrointestinal bleed.
During interrogation, Mason told the police that his name might have been spuriously used to malign his image.
Some will use this terrible film to pressure for change, others will simply be spuriously curious, a worse group of sickos will see it as part of the cult for snuff movies.
While we're at this pub name game, I can also spuriously confirm that The Lion in Treorchy once employed said big cat to clear the glasses at the end of a busy Saturday, and that The Otter And Violence in Mylleanbath was named after the death of its original owner at the teeth of his startled pet.