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This comparison suggests that some important revelations can be gleaned from experimental deployment of shells for one-to-two years, yet the same comparison discloses the spuriousness of other inferences formulated after two years.
25) On the spuriousness of an Islamic doctrine that women have no souls, see Barbara Freyer Stowasser, Women in the Qur'an, Traditions, and Interpretation (Oxford: Oxford Univ.
When using the CLPC method, data are first analyzed for the equality of synchronous correlations to test for stationarity, and the equality of cross lags is explored to test for spuriousness.
Although subsequently admitted not to be the words of Chief Seattle at all, but written by a scriptwriter for a television documentary in 1972, the bogus speech became the basis of much publicity and a widely distributed environmental book for children, even after the scriptwriter had informed the publishers of its spuriousness.
The spuriousness of that was exposed at subsequent High Court hearings.
1996 "The Misperception of Public Opinion Toward Capital Punishment: Examining the Spuriousness Explanation of Death Penalty Support.
Austin-Broos is seeking a way around the double bind entrenched in conventional ways of thinking about tradition(s), either as incommensurable with no possibility of negotiation between them, or as constructed, where the recognition of agency carries the implication of spuriousness.
I agree with the tenor of Graff"s remarks; however, the Arnoldian tradition in American culture is not reducible to a single history of spuriousness.
Multiple regression has the advantage of controlling for spuriousness in nonrecursive systems that results from variables having opposite or incongruent effects on each other (Shingles, 1976).
the spuriousness of deriving the national population growth rate by adding up that of each province as rigidly laid down by the central government.
Whether Peirce appreciates the spuriousness of a causal answer to this question is hard to tell.
But if the grandees crowding our political arena were to take a pause for a moment from their spuriousness, posturing and superficiality, they would know it takes a lot of hardboiled thinking, imaginative planning and meticulous strategies to contend with monstrosities like terrorism, militancy and extremism.