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Her examination foregrounds a trend from the outward bound emphasis of career books during the 1950s and 1960s with their emphasis on mentoring and authority through the late 1960s and 1970s during which stories increasingly focused on demonstrating the failure and spuriousness of that adult authority.
Unfortunately, when trying to reproduce results in robotics papers, it is often unclear if failure to duplicate results is due to incorrect verification, missing information or spuriousness of original results.
37) The school disciplinary environment is important both directly, because it is a possible source of spuriousness in the relationship between race and school discipline, and indirectly, because it serves as the context for understanding any observed racial disparity.
Their extravagance and obliqueness reveals itself even more resoundingly as a tone of artifice, a certain spuriousness of character--and indeed these features can be ascribed to a kind of "essayism," a writing practice entrusted to a sense beyond that of imagination, to a truth sometimes more fantasized than thought.
Furthermore, the spuriousness of many contradictory media reports makes the attacks suspicious.
2) O'Hanlon uses--and misquotes--Shakespeare's words in order to introduce his argument about the spuriousness of the legal strategy employed by the advocates of Miss X.
Although we followed the typical route of reducing potential spuriousness with an extensive list of substantive controls, selection effects may explain our findings.
Warren clarifies the spuriousness of these distinctions when she writes to her friend Hannah Winthrop that despite her determination "to leave the field of politicks to those whose proper business it is to speculate and to act at this important crisis," she is forced to acknowledge that contemporary events are "so interwoven with the enjoyments of social and domestic life as to command the attention of the mother and the wife" (27).
They did not understand the writing of history to proceed through a process of analysis and elimination, but rather to demand the comprehensive transmission of collected materials, despite their possible or even likely spuriousness or inaccuracy.
1406-1457), who stimulated a new philological awareness when he uncovered the spuriousness of the pseudo-Dionysian corpus, (43) translated some of Basil's homilies into Latin.
This prompting is not simply (or as I will argue even primarily, given the spuriousness of the Beothuk "memories" presented) intended to preserve the history of the Beothuk.
Dissatisfied with the spuriousness of easy conclusions--and having thus long eschewed the didactic aesthetics of South Africa's resistance-era documentary tradition--Goldblatt refuses the drama of the clash for the stifled pain of its aftermath.