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La laughed a bitter laugh, for in her heart she knew that Tarzan's sin was greater than the purloining of the sacrificial knife of Opar; yet as she looked at him lying bound and helpless before her, tears rose to her eyes so that she had to turn away to hide them; but she remained inflexible in her determination to make him pay in frightful suffering and in eventual death for daring to spurn the love of La.
Your brother's widow and her orphan child spurn the shelter of your roof, and shun you with disgust and loathing.
God has designed me to be your comfort and protector - I feel it, I know it as certainly as if a voice from heaven declared, "Ye twain shall be one flesh" - and you spurn me from you - '
Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us.
Here one curses her and calls her capricious, fickle, and immodest, there another condemns her as frail and frivolous; this pardons and absolves her, that spurns and reviles her; one extols her beauty, another assails her character, and in short all abuse her, and all adore her, and to such a pitch has this general infatuation gone that there are some who complain of her scorn without ever having exchanged a word with her, and even some that bewail and mourn the raging fever of jealousy, for which she never gave anyone cause, for, as I have already said, her misconduct was known before her passion.
With his horse and his rifle, he is independent of the world, and spurns at all its restraints.
But Oedipus spurns the hypocrite, and invokes a dire curse on both his unnatural sons.
The Stokesley team will form part of a group that cover a 117-mile stretch from Spurn Head to Roseberry Topping.
Powerchip, Nanya Spurn Taiwan Memory as State-Led Overhaul Plan Unravels Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
Another offer impossible to spurn is extended by Don Vincenzo (Ugo Attanasio), the head of the local Mafia.
But there are ample surprises too: The baroque pop of "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" recalls classic-era Kinks, while the penultimate "Fade Together" is a dreamy, pastel-colored ballad in three-quarter time, Alas, no same-sex come-ons, a la their early single "Michael," but only the hardest of hearts could spurn this stellar second effort.
Blue Squirrel maker of the anti-spam software Spare Sleuth, is issuing a free edition called Spurn Sleuth Lite, which helps eliminate e-mail spare, viruses, and phishing scams for a single e-mail account before they can reach an inbox.