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Drive to the bleak splendour of Spurn Head itself, or simply walk alongside the water of the Humber and you'll still stumble across traces of these ancient communities.
Researchers have found that more than 500 ships were wrecked in just one tiny section alongside the coast between Aldborough and the narrow peninsula of Spurn Point.
But for a graphic, almost spiritual, picture of how the sea and land has really moved over the years, pause on the single-track road to Spurn Point itself.
History also records the immense bravery of the local lifeboat crews who, over the years, navigated the Spurn Point lifeboat, which today, is the only full-time manned lifeboat in the country.
PICTURESQUE: the villages of the East Riding TUCKED AWAY: there are many beautiful sights off the beaten track BEACON: lighthouse at Spurn Head
Classic autumn migration weather meant the Spurn area was a dead cert for top class birding - if I could see through the hangover and sleep deprivation.
On Spurn, brisk north easterly winds brought birds to land, some pipits scraping onto dry land only inches above the waves of the North Sea.
A pristine greenish warbler, one of a wide influx of these lovely little sprites, fed near the bird observatory, showing off its new leg iron to scores of admiring birders, having been trapped earlier - it was one of three that were on Spurn that day.
An icterine warbler proved a bit more elusive, but I was lucky to find it scoffing elder berries in the deep scrub on the tip of Spurn, and ring ouzel, tree pipits and redwings hurtled past me, powered along by the wind from the north-east.
At her best Clarke has an uncanny ability to elicit vivid emotional imagery with poetic simplicity, and here she shines: rejected lover Paola Styron, "The Lady with the Lapdog," pathetically slides on her belly toward George de la Pena after he spurns her.
He rouses himself to rhapsodize about Olivia (Kyra Sedgwick), the countess who spurns his advances while she mounts her perhaps overbeloved brother.
The highlight of the season was a smart restaging by Anna Markard and Airi Hynninen of Kurt Jooss's 1932 Big City, the simple fable of a young girl, seduced by decadent high society, who foolishly spurns the love of her working-class beau when enticed by the seductive wiles of an affluent libertine and ends up forsaken.