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Yet nobody seems to care Gerry Adams has spurned the chance to be Deputy First Minister.
Classic autumn migration weather meant the Spurn area was a dead cert for top class birding - if I could see through the hangover and sleep deprivation.
Further up the sandy peninsula a pair of European oscellated lizards -- foot long green and blue reptiles -- were ``released'' last year and recent sightings suggest they can tough out the Spurn winter.
Those worries led the Bank to spurn requests from industry and keep interest rates at 4pc two weeks ago.
HORSEMEAT is making a surprise comeback on dinner plates as consumers spurn beef in the wake of the mad cow scare.
But she had started a SPURN: relationship with her future husband John Diamond, who died of throat cancer in 2001.
The Stokesley team will form part of a group that cover a 117-mile stretch from Spurn Head to Roseberry Topping.
Powerchip, Nanya Spurn Taiwan Memory as State-Led Overhaul Plan Unravels Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
But there are ample surprises too: The baroque pop of "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" recalls classic-era Kinks, while the penultimate "Fade Together" is a dreamy, pastel-colored ballad in three-quarter time, Alas, no same-sex come-ons, a la their early single "Michael," but only the hardest of hearts could spurn this stellar second effort.
Blue Squirrel maker of the anti-spam software Spare Sleuth, is issuing a free edition called Spurn Sleuth Lite, which helps eliminate e-mail spare, viruses, and phishing scams for a single e-mail account before they can reach an inbox.
If we Catholics truly emphasized the simplicity, purity, beauty and holiness of the Eucharist, we would know how to defend it against those Catholics who spurn the truths of faith.
Jesse Jackson similarly may denounce as racist those firms that spurn his fundraising overtures.