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returned the other, with a movement of his foot, as if Rogue Riderhood were beginning to sneak before him in the body as well as the spirit, and he spurned him off.
To recollect the purpose for which he lived, and to remember that his enemy was his wife's own father--the man who had cast him into prison, and who, when his daughter and her child sued at his feet for mercy, had spurned them from his door.
Not that anger, on account of spurned beauty can dwell in the celestial breasts of charitable ladies, but rather that the errors of persons who have once been much admired necessarily take a deeper tinge from the mere force of contrast; and also, that to-day Maggie's conspicuous position, for the first time, made evident certain characteristics which were subsequently felt to have an explanatory bearing.
There is no doubt that by day Mr Swiveller firmly believed this secret convenience to be a bookcase and nothing more; that he closed his eyes to the bed, resolutely denied the existence of the blankets, and spurned the bolster from his thoughts.
STEFAN SCHNOOR spurned a glorious penalty chance to leave Derby's Premiership nerves jangling for another week.
A novel nonprofit alliance of twenty-two private foundations and philanthropies has been organized to provide modest grants to American artists, particularly those whose work might otherwise be ignored, rejected, or spurned by other funding organizations - and the public at large.
As for the nonsense that Olga Spessivtseva, one of this century's great Giselles, was driven mad by a homosexual partner who spurned her and a Bolshevik secret police agent who made her dance for the mob, it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.
Clearly Gore Vidal remains as captivated by the presidency as a White House intern spurned.
Spurned by his passion and commitment to improve the lives of those less fortunate, Mr.
Tonight, they deal with a ``woman in white,'' a spurned ghost who committed suicide and seeks revenge by killing unfaithful men.
But Sonja said she spurned her advances and her boss left the room.
Porthmadog enjoyed a purple patch mid-way into the second half, culminating in the goal which they celebrated on 69 minutes, but spurned two other chances.