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She claims a Manchester bridal shop feared she may spurt breast milk over their dresses
In addition the British Orthodontic Society guideline stated that the use of hand-wrist radiographs to pre- dict the onset of the pubertal growth spurt was not indicated.
According to Dean, in humans, root growth spurts are just a hangover from an early stage of evolution and we retain molar roots like Homo erectus because the growth spurts use little energy for natural selection to grew them out.
Fernandez slammed in an alley-oop dunk to pull Spain within 35-27 after the first quarter and ignite a 14-2 Spain spurt that put the Spanish ahead 39-37 and the game stayed tight through the remainder of the first half.
Little is known about the biology of growth spurts," says Michelle Lampl, MD, PhD, Samuel C.
The Colonials, who trailed briefly, took control with two first-half spurts - both coming in the final minutes of each quarter.
3 : to flow out with force : spurt <Blood spouted from the wound.
Q WHEN I give my partner an orgasm by hand his semen doesn't spurt out - it sort of oozes.
In 2000, the growth spurt ended when doctors at a hospital removed the tumor,
I spend a lot more time with customers," she says, "working on strategies that will prepare the groundwork for our next growth spurt.
In another basin, set on the floor, jets of coffee spurt out from the center, sometimes in a rotating motion.