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It seemed that he had made a gallant spurt into the road, and there paid the penalty of his rashness by a sudden incapacity to move another inch.
Therefore various maturity indicators were used to assess growth spurts to determine optimal timing for growth modification treatment.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- An active region that was rotating out of view displayed a dazzling variety of dozens of spurts and eruptions in about 2.
Indiana took control with two big third-quarter spurts to build a 68-53 lead.
The vast majority of boys go through several growth spurts, and end up strapping men of normal height.
The researchers also found that Homo erectus gained its molars at exactly the same age as our molar roots have their growth spurts, according to the New Scientist.
Some of the same genes that spark growth spurts in preschoolers predispose adults to obesity, a new study suggests.
Fergie said: "Sometimes strikers do go in spurts, and hopefully that is Wayne on one of those really good spurts of his.
Specifically, growth spurts are tied to an increase in total daily hours of sleep as well as an increase in the number of daily sleep bouts, the time from the onset of sleep until awakening.
The Colonials, who trailed briefly, took control with two first-half spurts - both coming in the final minutes of each quarter.
A deflating real estate market has translated into lagging residential construction, offset slightly by spurts in commercial and industrial construction.
When a slug spurts out the nasty mix, most predators back away.