spy against

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Dean later agreed to spy against Al-Qaeda on behalf of the domestic and foreign branches of British intelligence, spending an unnerving eight years among jihadis in Afghanistan and Britain.
Israel took a decision 30 years ago and has upheld it ever since, not to spy against the United States, not to recruit agents in the US, not to gather intelligence in the US," he declared.
According to the indictment, Bergel, 46, met with Iranian officials at the Iranian embassy in Berlin in January 2011 and offered his services as a spy against Israel.
This book is about the use of double cross spies recruited by the British to spy against the Germans during World War II.
Peshawar, July 17 (ANI): Renowned Pakistani singer Asma Latta has rejected the allegations of being a spy for India, saying she could never think to spy against the country that gifted her respect and popularity.
In addition, Korb said, Israel should acknowledge that it was wrong to have recruited a spy against its closest ally and should say that it is willing to cooperate fully with the Americans to bring the chapter to a close.
GERMANY boss Joachim Loew has revealed Michael Ballack turned World Cup spy against his Chelsea team-mates.
Iran arrested earlier this month three Americans it accused of illegal entry from Iraq to spy against it.
Kiessling, 24, who replaced Berbatov at Bayer Leverkusen, was watched by a top Spurs spy against Galatasaray in the UEFA Cup last week.
In early July 1994, AUM members killed Toshio Tomita, 27, who the cult suspected was a spy against it, at its complex in Kamikuishiki.
They recruited him in Mexico City to work for them as a spy against Clan na Gael.