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SPY. One who goes into a place for the purpose of ascertaining the best way of doing an injury there.
     2. The term is mostly applied to an enemy who comes into the camp for the purpose of ascertaining its situation in order to make an attack upon it. The punishment for, this crime is death. See Articles of War, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 992; Vattel, Droit des Gens. liv. 3, Sec. 179.

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TABLE 3 Precaulions in the Home (%) Before After Net change Door chains 12 33 +21 Door locks 24 82 +58 Window locks 33 70 +37 Spyhole 61 85 +24 Burglar alarm 6 9 +3 Entryphone 67 85 +18 Guard dog 6 21 +15 TABLE 4 Feelings of Safey at Home (%) Before After Net change Very safe 70 70 -1 Fairly safe, 19 12 -7 Bit unsafe 0 9 +9 Very unsafe 11 9 2 Lighting and other environmental improvements seemed similarly to have had only slight effects on perceptions of safety out of doors after dark, as Table 5 shows.
HALL ARTIST: Robert Hunter, 47, from Prescot, seen through a cells spyhole Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
She stayed in hiding from the English at Stirling until she was about three years old and there's a little spyhole in the battlements which was apparently put there so she could see out without having to be held up over the battlements and risk capture.
"The children were frightened and I would look through the spyhole before I went out.
After checking through her spyhole, she opened the door but the burglar forced the door open.
He looked through the spyhole and then, with the security chain still on, opened the door and looked outside, she told the court.
If players knock repeatedly at the door of one of the cliff houses, a spyhole opens to reveal an enigmatic face.
Her excitement takes on a distinctively voyeuristic cast in another vignette in which she seeks relief for her agitation--an "abundance of Trouble" in her mind--by applying her eye to a spyhole:
He ashamed very time these The pensioner alerted police and Solihull Council, whose housing department installed a spyhole camera in her front door.
I was looKing out of my spyhole at what was going on.
The 33-year-old who had been videoing the neighbour's partner sunbathing naked, was caught out by a coinshaped spyhole in the roof, Gloucester Crown Court heard.