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The PCSO squabble began when a new board member, Sandra Cam, hit the agency for holding a Christmas party that she said cost P10 million.
An Indian high court has intervened in the long-drawn-out squabble between promoters of Yes Bank (YESBANK.
Meanwhile, some squabbles are continuing between policemen and protesters around the Silivri courthouse where neighboring with the courthouse.
COMIC Frank Skinner is to star in a new BBC radio comedy - made up of a couple's bitter squabbles.
The premise has the distinct whiff of a Jeremy Kyle-style airing of dirty laundry, but O'Leary says it's "a light-hearted studio-based entertainment show but with couples discussing the squabbles within their relationship.
A young man had a squabble with his mother in Kirfer village, Zammar district, (80 km) northwestern Mosul, after which the man's father opened fire from his rifle on his son and his 18-year-old daughter-in-law, killing them instantly," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
They played the songbird squabble so that neighbouring sparrows were able to hear it and studied the birds' reactions.
Nepal, April 30 -- From the start of the peace process, the Nepali people have lowered their expectations as the leaders who brought prajatantra in 1990, then gambled it away over power squabbles, came back once again, emboldened by the popular call for multi-party democracy-and by the trust that India, the United Nations, and the international community placed in them.
Aimed at children aged three to eight, The War of Buttons tells the tale of squabbles, scuffles - and of course buttons.
It was an on-going squabble that they are trying to resolve.
Ryanair officially launches bid as rival boards squabble.
One liquidity maven at a top bank trading desk in New York tells an apocryphal tale of how a certain hedge fund went down because of a squabble between two principals, ending in messy litigation and uncertainty for the fund's counterparties.