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He added: 'Our lawmakers should avoid personal quarrels and petty squabbles over spoil of office.
Dorcas Waigwe is said to have killed Julius Njuguna, 25, at their home in Gacharaigu village during a domestic squabble.
as with most squabbles, it will resolved FRIEND " A spokeswoman for Susan declined to comment.
Marshall Karp's "Squabbles'' more than lives up to its name, extracting humor from the intolerable living situation of Alice and Jerry (he's also an attorney) Sloan.
-A little squabble between gendarmerie and protesters
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Moscow's relations with Washington outweighed the "squabbles" over a spying scandal revealed by US fugitive Edward Snowden, who has applied for asylum in Russia.
He said it was right for police to investigate cases involving homophobia or racism, but said the police shouldn't be dealing with individual squabbles.
Each of the four episodes of Don't Start will feature a new petty squabble as it escalates out of control.
The premise has the distinct whiff of a Jeremy Kyle-style airing of dirty laundry, but O'Leary says it's "a light-hearted studio-based entertainment show but with couples discussing the squabbles within their relationship.
Nepal, April 30 -- From the start of the peace process, the Nepali people have lowered their expectations as the leaders who brought prajatantra in 1990, then gambled it away over power squabbles, came back once again, emboldened by the popular call for multi-party democracy-and by the trust that India, the United Nations, and the international community placed in them.
Aimed at children aged three to eight, The War of Buttons tells the tale of squabbles, scuffles - and of course buttons.
Khoury also said that the fact that several high level diplomats came to Israel to talk to top officials did not mean increased pressure on Tel Aviv, but "squabbles" between "two lovers," meaning the US and Israel.