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A little squabble between gendarmerie and protesters
Each of the four episodes of Don't Start will feature a new petty squabble as it escalates out of control.
We can expect everything, from a couple who squabble over a cat named Bubbles to a man whose wife wants him to stop acting like a teenager and ditch his skateboards.
To settle this noisy squabble, no sacrifice-on the part of the Nepali people-is too great, apparently.
One day a petty squabble grows into the war of the buttons.
There remains a difference between the causes of squabbles among culturally homogenous American states and multicultural nation-states under the United Nations (or some other would-be form of world government).
We have squabbles about gay and lesbian people, well in Victorian times the debate was equally as impassioned over whether a man could marry his deceased wife's sister.
There were sometimes unpleasant squabbles over who controlled those funds and for what purposes they could be used.
Boniface asserted that the church was required only to support crusades against the Muslims who held the Holy Land, not conflicts sparked by secular concerns such as squabbles over territory or trade.
The profession needs to learn from its past and hopefully, by transcending internal squabbles and struggles, it will play a more positive role in the far more critical struggle for social justice facing our society today.
The squabbles we are seeing now are the kind of petty arguments you shouldn't even get at parish council level.
Governments desperately need to show investors and trade partners that they are past these old-fashioned squabbles.