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I talked to Senator Enrile, I also talked to (some friends) na matigil, para matigil na yung bangayan kasi naapektuhan na talaga ang Senado (to stop the squabbling because it is really affecting the Senate)," he said.
In the 'Big Three Public Dialogue' of April 28, the leaders of the Nepali Congress (NC), the UML, and the Maoists exposed themselves as the old guard: high-caste men squabbling, noisily, about who among them will be the next prime minister.
We do believe that the bid requires some re-organisation and a new direction to allow the team to focus on winning the votes we need rather than domestic squabbling.
Financial and economic affairs committee chairman Isa Abu Al Fateh urged MPs to stop squabbling in open session, which he said was being broadcast live on radio and watched by the Press in the gallery.
Though the proposal is merely a name change -- no one is actually moving anything anywhere -- there is sure some hard squabbling over the proposal.
Hannah does the best she can, and readers will appreciate the realistic squabbling among the siblings.
It is also argued that just as two squabbling citizens need a sheriff, two squabbling countries need world government.
Today, in comparison, we read in these letters pages of councillors such as Cowan and Robson niggling over petty issues such as the cost of civil lunches, like chimps squabbling over the costs of a tea party.
The squabbling between two centre-left allies over who should become speaker of the lower house of parliament posed the first test to Prodi's leadership and renewed questions over the bloc's cohesion.
Squabbling over: When Tony will hand over the top job to Gordon
Together, the unlikely pair encounter a host of memorable characters including twin sideshow fat ladies, squabbling philosophers, an escape artist, and others.
So he can't truly referee disputes among squabbling divisions.