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The internal squabbling that have been raised with the Industry and Government are matters of great concern and must be resolved by the respective Cane Producers Association urgently.
Squabbling in Istanbul is cheapening these sacrifices.
"I talked to Senator Enrile, I also talked to (some friends) na matigil, para matigil na yung bangayan kasi naapektuhan na talaga ang Senado (to stop the squabbling because it is really affecting the Senate)," he said.
The Court of Appeal has granted the Joint Committee of PCTs leave to * SORRY STATE: Clr to the NHS squabbling appeal the response to the Judicial Review by the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust.
The cynicism has come from their struggles over power-sharing: their noisy squabbling over who (with India's blessing) will be prime minister, president, minister of this-or-that, and high- or low-level government appointee.
The internal squabbling has also miffed the local residents.
He said: "Our message is that this domestic squabbling and wrangling must stop, and we must get on with winning the votes.
MANAMA: MPs squabbling over foreign travel allowances of BD300 a day brought parliament to an abrupt halt yesterday.
Undersecretary Avelino Razon, deputy director of the National Security Council, revealed in a Cabinet meeting presided by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that local leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), National Democratic Front (NDF) and the insurgent movement's armed wing, the New Peoples' Army are squabbling over their founding chairman, Jose Maria Sison.
Then there is the squabbling and discontentment between themselves which is unacceptable.
Without bodyguards and a safe haven to conduct their fruitless squabbling, Iraqi leaders would be forced to either settle their differences or risk being killed themselves.
Hannah does the best she can, and readers will appreciate the realistic squabbling among the siblings.