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And as he dreamed, Fate, cruel and inexorable, crept stealthily upon him through the dark corridor of the squalid building in which he slept--Fate in the form of the American crook, Condon.
Hidden in the squalid by-ways of London under a false name; cast, friendless and helpless, on the mercy of strangers, by illness which had struck her prostrate, mind and body alike -- so he met her again, the woman who had opened a new world of beauty to his mind; the woman who had called Love to life in him by a look!
He's living in one tiny room in the most squalid way.
The place would have been squalid enough in any case, but the litter, the untidiness, made the impression revolting.
The refulgent rays transformed the interior of the soiled and squalid canvas to the splendor of a palace in the eyes of the dreaming man.
It was nine-forty-five that night that Tarzan entered the squalid "pub" on the water-front in Dover.
From this little shop De Vac threaded his way through the dirty lanes and alleys of ancient London, lighted at far intervals by an occasional smoky lantern, until he came to a squalid tenement but a short distance from the palace.
He looked back rapidly, looked down the avenue of a squalid and unlovely life, saw himself the child of drink-sodden and brutal parents, remembered the Board School with its unlovely surroundings, his struggles at a dreary trade, his running away and the fierce draughts of delight which the joy and freedom of the sea had brought to him on the morning when he had crept on deck, a stowaway, to be lashed with every rope-end and to do the dirty work of every one.
The picture faded, and before his eyes stretched the disorder of his squalid room.
24 (BNA): Kuwait has urged the international community to bring to account culprits of massacres against Myanmar's Rohingya noting that the Muslim refugees cannot abandon squalid camp life and return home in shadow of fears and insecurity.
According to Nepali government figures, construction site accidents and squalid living conditions in the tiny Gulf state are claiming around 110 lives every year.
'Don't smoke, Taf?' 'I never took to it.' 'The sporty type?' 'Hardly.' 'What caused you to come out to this squalid little dump?' asked the fair-haired one.