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Yet this mad-pact-brainstorming Kip was suffering in his sweated bed vivid visions of his personal war scenarios, the somber conspicuous beauty of the white phosphorous cloud trails billowing up from the Rousseau jungles, the boiling dayglo tangerine clouds edged in black, squalidly belying the hellish deaths that had gone down beneath them, get down.
The highly disorganized moment we are living in now, which Trow nailed with such prescience seventeen years ago, owes much of its tinny, squalidly masochistic flavor to the erasure of historical consciousness.
This unconscious and token rebellion continues as Jack works toward his degree in history; despite his mother's injunctions and contributions of money, he lives as squalidly as possible in a shared apartment, taking pleasure in his mother's discomfort at these less-than-aristocratic surroundings.
It is a squalidly unfitting end to a life of great richness, to a life full of high academic achievement, to a life dedicated to public service and to the Welsh nation.
Often, though, and this is usually the case in real life, there is not one dramatically wrong choice but a whole serious of squalidly ignoble ones, until the young idealist turns, without having any sense of just where, exactly, he went wrong, into the middle-aged cynic.