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And while flying through the air, he continued to squall his rage.
Through the darkness, as the squall spent itself, came the slatting of the half-lowered mainsail, the shrill voices of the boat's crew, a curse of Borckman's, and, dominating all, Skipper's voice, shouting:
And swift tropic night smote the Arangi, as she alternately rolled in calms and heeled and plunged ahead in squalls under the lee of the cannibal island of Malaita.
In the squalls, above all the minor noises of creaking and groaning, arose a deep thrumming note as of a mighty harp.
The big downpour of rain had not yet come, but the mist-like squalls were more frequent.
There was a pause, during which Duncan went on studying the rising squall, while Captain Dettmar's face worked terribly.
So it was that he slept, while the rain still poured on deck and the yacht plunged and rolled in the brief, sharp sea caused by the squall.
The three men stepped outside in time to see the two schooners go hastily about and head off shore, dropping mainsails and flying jibs on the run in the teeth of the squall that heeled them far over on the whitened water.
The squall had cleared away, but the sky remained overcast.
He landed on the beach in the midst of a driving thunder squall that was so dense that he collided with Huru-Huru before he saw him.
We were circling many times but we could not penetrate the squall,' he said.