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Handy's squalling inability to digest the historical moment into which he has been born anticipates these post-Reconstruction disillusionments; it also enmeshes him, as his autobiography later makes clear, in the terrors of Reconstruction itself, a second-hand legacy he plumbs with the help of a black minstrel he encounters during his Mahara's days.
Unlike past generations, today's new parents often have few resources to draw from to help care for the squalling, demanding little creature they bring home from the hospital, said Alex Morales, executive director of the Children's Bureau.
Evidence compiled on the pertussis vaccine "indicates a causal relation" not only with anaphylaxis but also with extended periods of inconsolable squalling in infants who have just received the injection, the panel reports.
After all, "as much as your mom loves you, she's seen you at your worst -- runny-nosed, squalling, tattling, lying, throwing tantrums.