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The first watch, from eight to twelve, was the mate's; and Captain Van Horn, forced below by the driving wet of a heavy rain squall, took Jerry with him to sleep in the tiny stateroom.
Every rope and shroud was thrumming and screeching in resistance to the fierce weight of the squall.
I heard old Ahab tell him he must always kill a squall, something as they burst a waterspout with a pistol --fire your ship right into it
A sort of tempest arose on the 3rd of November, the squall knocking the vessel about with fury, and the waves running high.
The big downpour of rain had not yet come, but the mist-like squalls were more frequent.
An unusually stiff squall blew about them and thrummed overhead in the tree-tops and both paused to listen.
And even he could not repress a start and an involuntary bristling of hair along his back when she suddenly leaped, without warning, straight up in the air, at the same time emitting a long and most terrible squall.
The next moment the heavy implement was raised aloft; the next, there was a crash and a squall, and the cat was off on three legs to meet an engagement; Roxy would arrive just as the lamp or a window went to irremediable smash.
Duncan coolly pulled at his cigar and glanced aft at the rising cloud of squall.
All that night, while squall after squall smote Berande, uprooting trees, overthrowing copra-sheds, and rocking the house on its tall piles, Sheldon slept.
And near her, just come in from the sea on the wings of the squall, he saw another schooner hove to and dropping a boat into the water.
Our sail hung limp and our momentum decreased when of a sudden a par-ticularly vicious squall caught us.