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Thickening of the squama of the frontal bone is evident on the T1W axial image (arrows in B) and shift of midline structures toward the left.
The sonographic window is obtained through the squama of the temporal bone (Fig.
Perhaps, if the temporal squama is avoided, pin fixation can be successfully used in children, even under 3 years of age.
The therapist uses their hands to compress the participant's temporal squama before slowly releasing the pressure.
1-4) The mastoid area is the most common site, although these neoplasms have been reported in the squama, middle ear structures, promontory, internal auditory canal, and styloid process.
palustrem valde accedit sed a prima differt spiculis laxifloris, stigmatibus plerumque 2 rarius 3 et achaenio fere laeviore; a secunda et tertia differt spiculis oblongis vel lineari-oblongis, squama infima 1/3 ad aliquot plus quam 1/2 spiculae basin amplectenti, squamis inferioribus 2 vel 4 vacuis; et ab omnibus culmis ultra complanatis leviter tortilibus et stylopodiis sessilibus in basi annulari insidentibus differt.