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The paraffin sections of scab samples from the SPF chickens inoculated with FWPV were positive not only for FWPV, tested by using a chicken anti-FWPV polyclonal antibody, but also for REV, tested by using a monoclonal antibody that specifically recognized the envelope protein of REV in the cytoplasm of stratified squamous epithelial cells of the folliculus pili by immunohistochemical assay (online Technical Appendix Figure 1).
Approximately 500 images per sample are collected as the software classifies particles into categories including RBC, WBC, WBC clumps, hyaline casts, pathological casts, squamous epithelial cells, non-squamous epithelial cells, bacteria, yeast, crystals, mucus, and sperm.
It consists of vascular connective tissue loosely surrounded with transitional and squamous epithelial cells.
In the few studies where electron microscopy was used, some of the stromal cells had epithelial features, such as tonofilaments and intercellular junctions, similar to squamous epithelial cells.

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