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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Macrophages, few squamous epithelial cells, cholesterol crystals and amorphous extracellular mass were observed in 17 smears (Figure 2).
As shown in Table 1, there was no significant agreement between MSCC and catheterized specimens when evaluating bacteria, WBC, leukocyte esterase, RBC, and squamous epithelial cells regardless of the type of prolapse present.
HPVs have a strong affinity for squamous epithelial cells and are associated with a wide range of proliferative epithelial lesions.10,11
An adequate, expectorated sputum specimen should contain many neutrophils and few or no squamous epithelial cells. The latter are indicative of contamination with saliva.
(9) A third and newer theory, called the acquired inclusion theory, suggests that under normal pathologic conditions, the tympanic membrane, while retracted onto the malleus handle and neck, leaves behind squamous epithelial cells that eventually develop into an inclusion cholesteatoma.
Microscopic examination of the bronchial aspirate showed no squamous epithelial cells, a few gram-negative bacilli, leukocytes, and many ciliated bronchial cells.
Metaplastic squamous epithelial cells are also found in individuals with vitamin A deficiency or after irradiation, or in individuals exposed to various inhalation noxes (e.g., wood dust, metal dusts, solvents) (24,30,31).
1) There is a hyperkeratosis of the upper epithelial layer that represents an altered pattern of keratin expression in the squamous epithelial cells. This hyperkeratosis is largely responsible for the characteristic shaggy or "hairy" gross appearance of the lesion.
Low-grade tumours are well-differentiated and are made up of over 50% of mucus-secreting elements and squamous epithelial cells. High-grade tumours are poorly differentiated and primarily made up of squamous epithelial and intermediate cells, containing less than 10% of mucus-secreting cells.
Microscopically, the sections showed a neoplasm composed of malignant squamous epithelial cells arranged in syncytial sheets.

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