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He added: "We've been in our positions for nine months so it's not possible to squander public funds.
The home side continued to squander scoring opportunities as first Donnelly failed to test Ferrie before Paul Murphy missed from close in.
And so we squander our Godgiven gifts by tinkering with gadgets; we squander our money on gambling and drink; we turn in on ourselves," Pope Francis said in his Homily.
He also assumed by inference that I may opt to spend my money on cigarettes or drink, nights out and holidays abroad as well as squander my money in numerous other ways.
After all, the Government will only squander it and as time goes by they squander more than ever.
PARENTS squander too much on their daughters' outfits for proms.
Set in Staffordia, Gordon Cooper proved a superb Mother Goose and an ideal comic pairing with Michael Nielson as Squire Squander.
Here's some further information the Government had better not squander.
After all, the primary school children of Wales are also S4C's viewers of the future and if S4C has got pounds 606,972 to squander on a logo, then this money would be much better spent if the winning school donated the prize money to a needy children's charity in the Third World.