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As far as I am concerned, you may squander everything we have.
Each man swore that for once he would be sensible and not squander his money.
You see I have married the mother,' pursued Snawley; 'it's expensive keeping boys at home, and as she has a little money in her own right, I am afraid (women are so very foolish, Mr Squeers) that she might be led to squander it on them, which would be their ruin, you know.
They sometimes gain a considerable sum, and then, like sailors with prize-money, they try how soon they can contrive to squander it.
Perhaps, too, it is with the peasant as with the prisoner-- he does not squander the powers of his soul, he centres them all upon a single idea, and this is how his feelings come to be so exceedingly strong.
I squander what is given me, a squanderer with a thousand hands: how could I call that--sacrificing?
We came to the comforting conclusion that the Creator probably knew how to run His universe quite as well as we do, and that, after all, there are no such things as `wasted' lives, saving and except when an individual wilfully squanders and wastes his own life--which Leslie Moore certainly hasn't done.
In addition to classroom programming, the Learning Power program has produced and published four books focused on energy education, including Power Savers -- The Adventures of Savvy and Squander; Joining the Watt Squad -- The Adventures of Savvy and Squander; Savvy and Squander Learn How to Make and Save Electricity with Dr.
The home side continued to squander scoring opportunities as first Donnelly failed to test Ferrie before Paul Murphy missed from close in.
He also assumed by inference that I may opt to spend my money on cigarettes or drink, nights out and holidays abroad as well as squander my money in numerous other ways.
After all, the Government will only squander it and as time goes by they squander more than ever.
PARENTS squander too much on their daughters' outfits for proms.